Africa's 1st blockchain #GamingForGood Platform

A Play to Earn mobile casual games ecosystem that improves the lives of youth across Africa.



NHIF Health Insurance
Health Savings Account
NSSF Social Security
Britam Life Insurance
One Acre Fund Crop Insurance

Why Usiku Games

Why Usiku Games

Our platform harnesses the power of blockchain P2E gaming to increase the financial resilience amongst youth in Africa. It's easier to save, when you are having fun!

NFT-based trading card game - Alpha Q3 '22

Currently in closed beta, Launching Q2 '22


Project Roadmap

Q1 2022
  • #GamingForGood
  • Community open and growing
  • Private round / advisors during development
  • IGO - (Initial Game Token Offering) Enjin Logo
Q2 2022
  • Initial Games launched on Polygon testnet
  • Publish Project Whitepaper
  • Integration with social impact partners payment system
Q3 2022
  • Minting in-game Stable Coins Currency
  • Launch Discord Community
Q4 2022
  • Full game portfolio launched on Polygon Mainnet
  • TGE - Token Generation Event
  • Develop Staking system for Long-term Savings
  • NFT-based trading card game - open alpha
  • Game maker Grant DAO launch
  • Expand platform to youth across Africa
  • NFT benefits and events

Why Africa

500 million Middle Class

Fastest growing globally, ^300% in 30yrs

350+ million smartphones

(more than all of North America or Europe)

20% of Global Youth

Over 1.1 Billion Millennials & Gen Z's on the continent

680 million players

20% CAGR growth

Harnessing the combined power of Africa's Youth, Web3 and #GamingForGood to transform the continent and the gaming industry globally.


How players benefit



Free to Play, Play to Earn - Unlike some of the big P2P games around the world. Usiku Games are completely free to play. Players don't need to understand crypto, have special wallets, or join guilds in order to have fun. By completing missions & accomplishments, players earn coins.



Engagement is equal to savings - The more players engage with the games, the more their personal savings accounts can grow.



Non Fungible Tokens - Collect game characters, power-ups & jewels, which unlock real world benefits and value.


The Games

More than 30 mobile casual Made-In-Africa games in the works.

Each Free-to-Play (F2P), Play-to-Earn (P2E) game has rewards built in, matching the players' in-game achievements. These rewards can be exchanged for real-world investments in their education, healthcare and long-term savings.


How it works

Usiku Games is not just a single cool blockchain P2P game. It's a platform and a movement. We will host dozens of fun, casual games, tied together by the ideal of investing in youths' future and increasing their financial resilience. Here's how we do it:


Crypto investors & socially minded individuals buy “UsikuKoins” ($USIKU). 50% of all funds raised per token sold, will fund future development of games and platform operations. The remaining 50% will go towards minting new “StablePlayerCoins” (SPC) for use as the in-game utility currency.


Players play the mobile casual games, completely FREE-of-charge earning coins for various accomplishments like clearing levels, collecting gems, and defeating a villains.


Players may choose to reinvest some of their earned coins, in the forms of buying NFT in-game tools/assets/power-ups. These can be held sold or traded in the future potentially for a profit of more stable coins.


When a player is ready to "cash out" they will choose how many coins they want to spend, and select where they want to invest them. These will include options like topping up their national health insurance (NHIF), depositing into their pension fund (NSSF), paying school fees, etc. Players will have no direct access to the funds themselves.


Token Genesis Event (TGE)

Total initial raise USD $4.3m


(in-kind tokens)

  • 1 month cliff
  • 10% linear release every month after 1 month


($0.001 per token)

  • 1 month cliff
  • 10% linear release every month after 1 month


($0.002 per token)

  • 1 month cliff
  • 10% linear release every month after 1 month
Token Distribution

Private 1

(0.004 per token)

  • 4% release on TGE
  • 8% linear release every month for 12 months

Private 2

(0.006 per token)

  • 10% release on TGE
  • 10% linear release every month for 9 months


(0.01 per token)

  • 1 month cliff
  • 10% linear release every month after 1 month

How the funds will be used

One of the best parts of this structure is the completely transparent way that funds flow. Since all transactions are recorded in the ledger, there will be full accountability. Here is how every $USIKU sold will be used:


Direct Funding of Player Pool

  1. School Fees
  2. Health insurance
  3. Pension
  4. Crop Insurance
  5. Savings
  6. Safe Transport

Fund Platform Operations

  1. Staff Costs & Product Dev't 40%
  2. Marketing 30%
  3. Tech Ops 20%
  4. Financial Costs 10%